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Making a WorkCover Claim in Victoria and FAQ

Posted 16. July. 5 min read.
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What happens if you are in an accident at work?

Everybody goes to work each day hoping to return home with our families safe and secure, however accidents do happen and, unfortunately, workers do suffer injuries as a result of carrying out their work. If you are injured while working the first thing to take is to immediately seek medical attention. Then, call your loved ones and inform them of the situation.

What happens if the work-related injury was severe?

If an injury or death is incurred at work your employer is required to immediately inform WorkSafe by contacting them at 132 360. Employers are not required to interfere in any scene that has been impacted with the exception of:

  • Help the injured worker
  • Safeguard any other person whose health or safety could be at risk
  • Avoid any further injury

Employers are required to provide an account of the incident to WorkSafe within 48-hours and keep the record over a period of five years.

What should an injury at work be recorded?

Once you are informed of an injury you must record every detail on your Register of Injuries report, that could be in the form of the exercise book, diary or an electronic file in which all the details about the injury is recorded. Employers are required to maintain the Register of Injuries in place at the workplace or download an example here.

How long do I need to file a WorkCover Claim?

You must notify the employer in 30 days from becoming aware of the occupational injury. This is done by filling in an Register of Injuries entry.

However, if you've not filed a claim within the 30 days following your injury, there's still a chance to make an injury claim and have it approved. It may be beneficial to speak with the personal injury lawyers prior to submitting a claim should this happen to you.

Making a WorkCover Claim in Victoria

Once you've declared an injury or injury to your company through filing your Register of Injuries report, the next step is fill out and fill out Section A of the Injuries Claim Form. Then, you must submit it with your employer to begin receiving weekly payments and reimbursements for medical expenses and other similar costs.

In statute, you is not able to refuse to accept the Worker's Injury Claim Form or deter the claim. If you're having issues with your employer throughout the process, then it is best to talk about your personal injuries lawyers. The most effective method to file the claim form for your employer to be either in person or by sending the form to them when your employer has agreed to it.

In certain circumstances it might not be feasible to file the claim form with your employer. means that you can file direct with Worksafe by calling their WorkSafe Advisory Service.

Workers' Compensation impairment claims in Victoria

The claim of impairment also called an impairment claim as well as a retirement claims claim can be filed by anyone to pursue if they suffer from an injury at work or illness that caused permanent impairment.

A benefit for impairment is thought as an amount of compensation for suffering and pain.

The amount of permanent impairment payouts in Victoria

Below are the payout amounts for permanent impairment along with the relevant percentage figures for claims made in Victoria.

Actual tables will be much more specific than those.

These tables only contain the amount of compensation for claims made in 2020/21.

If you filed your claim prior to this time, be aware that the amount you receive will not be exact to the dollar but the amount you will receive must be within the limit (within the range of a couple of thousands of dollars).

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If you want to make use of the table below to determine the amount of your permanent impairment payout first, you must make sure that you select the correct table.

Then, determine the correct impairment percentage that corresponds to a payout for permanent impairment amount.


Do I require an solicitor for WorkCover impairment claims?

It's a complicated procedure. If you have any questions regarding a current injury claim or your right to file one for an ongoing workplace injury we would suggest that to contact a lawyer for work injuries immediately so that they can assist you in determining the best way to pursue your full entitlement as quickly as is possible.


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