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Stubbslaw addresses the “Tough Love” Truths about Brain Injury Recovery

Posted 15. August. 3 min read.
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Injury Law Central knows the saying “Hope springs eternal” trumpets no truer than when a loved one incurs a traumatic brain injury. Be it via leading edge science and technology, skilled physicians, breakthrough medications or heartfelt prayer and miracles, we hope against hope for the best.

As attorneys, our empathy and sympathy for you is sincere. Yet, our pragmatism must ground us and help you focus. The truth revealed is that, unlike illness or broken bones, brain injury often results in considerable harm. Rarely does a patient fully "recover." Residual deficits are usually quite significant and sadly, permanent. The continual expectation of recovery can lead clients and families into denial, frustration, disappointment, and even worse, extremely unrealistic expectations and planning. Those decisions, based on emotion and a false sense of what the future holds is precisely why any and every family or person who is touched by or involved with a person suffering from such trauma should absolutely seek the professional counsel of a qualified attorney highly trained in this sensitive area of law.

Doctors, insurance firms, and others may make some grandiose claims, boosting sentiment and positive passions. At the same time the downsides are just as equally minimized. In truth, any successful rehabilitation of a head injured person cannot take place until they and their families are aware of new limitations. Then they must accept them and formulate new lifestyles and goals based on these changed expectations.
Attorneys speak to these realities as they defend you against the immediate loss and a growing strain and distress in so many areas of life due to this turn of events. To speak of, and implicitly believe in, and to hold out the hope for full recovery can severely impede the process of setting the best new course of action and life. We hope for that outcome also, but in the interim it is our duty to protect and keep you focused, on track and aware.
Of course, this process of awareness and acceptance, on the part of the family, is a process that takes time. We fully agree, certainly families, especially in the early stages, must hold out hope. However, as legal experts, we must speak in terms of hope meaning as much improvement as possible…and to build realistic expectations from the very beginning.

Certainly the question arises; “Besides suing the possible parties involved that may have led to this dilemma, what else can be done?” Surprisingly, there are several areas in which truly qualified attorneys might assist that are directly related to improvement following brain injury.

Every patient is different and follows different paths in their treatment, each depending on the kind and severity of the brain injury. The cost of the million plus brain injuries incurred every year to society and to the families of these victims is huge. Financially alone, brain injuries requiring hospitalization cost the nation around $56 billion each year. The full human cost cannot be calculated.

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